• Vision for Alternative Development (VALD)


    Vision for Alternative Development (VALD) is a non-governmental organisation registered with the Registrar Generals Department of the Republic of Ghana.

  • We advocate and demand for Climate Justice

    To build a sustainable environment, corporations and industries prone to activities that elevate Climate crisis must be made to alleviate their footprint to promote climate Justice 

  • We aim for a

    Tobacco free Society

    Tobacco still remains one of the most dangerous substances ever to be created which increases the risk of Non-Communicable Diseases and destroys our planet and the future of our children. A tobacco-free society is the only safer place for us and our planet

  • We campaign for

    Alcohol Free Society

    We raise awareness  of the benefits of an alcohol-free way of life, highlighting the negative impact of alcohol on health, society and advocate for stringent alcohol control policies

  • We Strive For

    Good Health & Wellbeing of Ghanaians

    Our actions are helping to prevent tobacco epidemic, thereby saving millions of lives in Ghana.

  • Making African Roads Safer

    To empower and support community participation in good governance.To promote and support cultural diversity, dialologue, peace and development.

    Our primary goal:

    To promote alternative initiatives and support development at all levels of society by advocating for comprehensive policies on Tobacco, Alcohol, Sugar-Sweetened Beverages (SSBs), Climate Justice, Road Safety, and General Health and Well Being

    Expanding our work on tobacco tax advocacy in Africa

    The Executive Director of Programs, Mr Labram Musah being awarded by the Tax Justice Network Africa for his commitment, excellence and exemplary leadership that led to the passage of the Excise Tax Bill in Ghana
    The Tax justice Network Awards VALD GHANA for their exemplary contributions towards a progressive tax reforms in Ghana


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