VALD Ghana Advocacy Impacts and Achievements

Promoting alternative initiatives and supporting development at all levels of society, we have advocated for comprehensive policies on Tobacco, Alcohol, Sugar-Sweetened Beverages (SSBs), Climate Justice, Road Safety, and General Health and Well Being

Creating a Tobacco Free Society

Campaigning for Alcohol Free Society

Demanding for Climate Justice

VALD-Ghana is the leading NGO in Ghana advocating for policies and laws on tobacco and alcohol regulations

We advocated for the passage of the Excise Duty Amendment Bill 2022

VALD supported the formation of the Media Alliance on Tobacco Control and Health to support media advocacy campaign

VALD Ghana advocated for the signing and ratification of the WHO-FCTC in Ghana in 2004

VALD-Ghana was instrumental in the advocacy actions toward the 175% ad valorem of excise duty tax in Ghana in 2015 which is the highest in West Africa.

Led the advocacy for the domestication of the WHO FCTC in Ghana which led to the passage of Tobacco Control Measures and Regulations 2012 and 2016 respectively

Trained and strengthened the capacity of government officials, civil society actors, and the media on tobacco industry interferences in line with WHOFCTC Article 5.3.

Our advocacy that led to the inclusion of a session of industry interference in public health policy in Ghana’s TC regulations

“The Economic of Tobacco Control study provided locally curated evidence needed to support the proposal for change in the existing tobacco tax regime and the need for tax increment on tobacco products

VALD Ghana was part of the team formed by the WHO/UNDP to work on tobacco, alcohol, and SSB excise tax the team developed an advocacy report called “Ghana’s health taxes”. The report supported the inclusion of tax reforms in the 2023 Budget Statement.

VALD Ghana also supported the meeting with the National Development Planning Commission (NDPC) of Ghana on health financing for development during the Global Week for Action on NCDs with a focus on mainstreaming tobacco and alcohol taxation as a development agenda for the government.

One of our latest studies, “The Economic of Tobacco Control” and policy briefs on tobacco taxation led to the announcement to change the tax structure on tobacco to align with the ECOWAS Directives

Provision of practical steps towards advancing tobacco control using tax measures including an increase in tobacco tax in 2023 year’s national budget statement and an ultimate change in the tobacco tax structure

Led the formation of the Ghana NCD Alliance to advance policies on Non- Communicable Diseases

VALD collaboratively worked with the Ministry of Health in the development of the Ghana National Alcohol Policy. VALD Ghana has engaged widely with policymakers including MoH, MoF/Tax Policy Unit, Ghana GRA, FDA, and Parliament of Ghana on various policies intervention.

VALD-Ghana held an interactive session with key government actors in health and finance policy matters on domestic revenue mobilization with specific reference to tobacco and unhealthy products

Our Awards

World No Tobacco Day 2013 VALD Ghana won WHO World no Tobacco Day Award in 2013
Tax Justice Network Africa 2023 Awarded VALD GHANA for their exemplary contributions towards progressive tax reforms in Ghana

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